Kamis, 27 Maret 2014


My best friend

 My name is Wulan Noviani. Now, im a student of Gunadarma university for accounting majour. I do love accounting. But i have to take the english class which is softskill class..  honestly, my english is so bad. That was made me worried because i got this homework and i have to share eveything about my life with english language. But, actually, i love to practice !(s.present)

So.. for finishing thins homework i wanna share a little things that happen in my life. About two craziest people in my life, Rurin and Fairus. Yes, they were my fiends.(s.past) I dont know why i have to share about them but i think this is cool . hihiihi. (s.present)
I always feeling crazy when i lough with them, when we act like a noughtiest women, and many other things that we spent together made me feel so alive!!! We were like an mechine evil each other. Rurin and fairus has a different caracters. Rurin  little bit naughty as a girl and fairuz act like a man. They both were always notice me to have some spirit for life. Yes.. i have so many bad trouble in my family.. when i felt down they were always holding me and push me up until i could stand by my self without tears again. Thanks God because i have them.  One day, i hope we will meet again in other conditions. Maybe when we already be a mother. Hehhehe (s.future)

Name  : Wulan Noviani
Class   : 3EB18 (University Gunadarma)
NPM   : 27211473

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