Sabtu, 28 Juni 2014

What will you do after graduation?


I could have said human greed will be a lot of desire and dreams. The biggest thing that parents happy. Can be worked in one company that can guide me open the window to the world. List of all the sorted list is pretty neat and trust, one day one of my dreams will come true.
Graduated from college does not mean that relief would all responsibility and liability, there are many new things are waiting for us in front. Waiting for a new man who deserves to get something decent to be plucked. Do not be too satisfied with everything, try new things, picking the knowledge gained, observations that may be used in the workplace in the future, pride, humble it might be better. The higher the tree grows the harder the wind is crashing. Messages from parents who always reminds me every step dikehidupan blend of social community. "Be yourself, never arrogant and always humble!".
In my writing little messages describe the motivators that became my motivation in everyday life. Insyallah beautiful gift that I will give to my parents were giving tickets left for the holy land of Makkah (​​aamiin). This is only partly the expectations, plans and my dreams. Not escape all of the hard work and tenacity yourself. Reviews of Mr. motivator little I still remember "There is no dream that can be achieved without action. And the smallest hill may not be exceeded with small steps that are not performed. So do not be too concerned about the size of a step, or worrying about the perfection of your plan. There have been many successful people without a plan you're worried about it. Because the plan is the best form of action ". (Mario
Feels electricity flowing up the body, so hurry to act with mean - really embodies a plan, dreams, hopes. The order of the second list of my expectations, help with the costs of education sister. The third field is open world pekerjaan.Pasti tired of seeing unemployment putrid unclear lontang can we teach a skill to participate and reduce unemployment in this country. And last, the dream of all people would want to get married. Married and have families sakinah mawadah warrohmah. aamiin

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