Sabtu, 28 Juni 2014

My Opinion About The 2014 Presidential Candidate

1. Prabowo Subianto 

My opinion about prabowo Subianto : He always do the best for Indonesia honestly. He is firm, smart, he had the courage to defend his country, he has experience in military so he has character as a leader and he is also nasionalist. Prabowo has good morale, open mind and always help Indonesian athletes in education or budget to be a champion in world competition. Prabowo has a leadership career in the military. Prabowo been studying abroad. This certainly makes Prabowo able to master a foreign language, that is needed in the Indonesian diplomatic missions. Prabowo is mature figure in financial. This condition can give hope to the people to not corruption when he became president. But in the past he ever had problem with violation of human right and some people bring up the issue and Prabowo also have a disadvantage in managing leadership herself.

2. Jokowi


My opinion about Joko Widodo: He is simple, smart, has a good attitude, honest and populist.But some people think, now is not time for Jokowi to be a President Because his assignment for Jakarta not yet finished. Too fast for a Jokowi be president because it could be seen from his responsibility to take care of jakarta is not met. 

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