Sabtu, 28 Juni 2014

My English Skill Ability

In today's foreign language skills, especially English, is important for every person in establishing and expanding communication networks nationally and globally. So it is with me, I learn English since i entered elementary school (SD), because i do not kindergarten. Means approximately fifteen years i learned English. I once took an English course. In school, i learned about writing, reading, listening and speaking but I think it does help me to be able to communicate in English because learning without practice it is often difficult. I love learning to speak English but I'm embarrassed to try it in front of many people. By the time my class two (2) high school I joined the organization THE BEST. The organization where I and my friends learn English, my English language skills.

 I always try to use English to communicate with someone who can speak english very well. I am aware of the ability of the English language my english is not very good until now and I need a lot of time to learn English. I hope my english skill will get better from now because i feel i need english for my future that english as world language. Where in the world was the work of English is very important. Certainly with the intention that I seriously could definitely learn English better.

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